Water Delivery Carrier

Hibiscus Water has been delivering water on the Hibiscus Coast and in the Rodney District since the 1970’s, and has become the water carrier of choice for thousands of home- and business-owners, festival and gala-organisers, and livestock farmers. As a family-owned and operated business the team at Hibiscus Water guarantee they will deliver a full load when and where you want it.

Last summer was one of the driest on record with long, hot, sunny days, and water carriers like Hibiscus Water were kept extremely busy meeting the demand for water across Rodney and the Hibiscus Coast. With an early and warm spring predicted for New Zealand many are wondering if we will have a repeat of last summer, and Hibiscus Water is prepared to meet any additional demands their customers may have.

Handy Tip: If a dry summer does return this year remember to keep a close eye on the level of water in your tanks to ensure you book your water before you run dry.

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