Water Tank Cleaning

Local councils and health authorities advised that your water tank be cleaned annually to remove any debris, leaf litter or animal matter that has accumulated. Hibiscus Water will clean your tank by draining the water to remove this debris and will then scrub and sponge the walls and floors. It is best to have your tank cleaned when the water level is low and before it fills up again.

With years of industry experience the team at Hibiscus have found that regular cleaning of your roof and gutters to keep them free from animal and plant material goes a long way towards better quality tank water. Remember to disconnect the pipes that lead from your gutter to your water tank first before cleaning them, and cutting down branches that hang over your gutters will prevent bird droppings from collecting in the gutters.

Handy Tip: Changing your water filters as often as is necessary means cleaner and healthier water, and Hibiscus Water can arrange for tank and pump repairs and servicing if required.

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